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At NorCal we have many different horses. We make sure we match you to the one that is just right for you or your child.

These are a a few of our horses:


Nelson loves kids and is the perfect beginner horse. If you are thinking about taking horse back riding lessons, but is a little scared, Nelson will take care of you. He also likes the trail and will take both children and adults on fun and comfortable trail rides.


This big guy is trained to do everything, English, Western, jumping and trail. He will babysit the smallest children in the arena and then take you on a fun trail ride.


Bunny is another babysitter/beginner horse and she will take care of small riders in the arena as well as on the trail. She has spent most of her life on a ranch in the Trinity Mountains where she took riders of all ages on long rides in the mountains.


Cali is Bunny's grand daughter. She was born on August 9 2010. Make sure you stop by her stall and say hi when you are visiting the barn.


Mouser is the kid in the herd. He loves to play with everybody and we love to watch him play with the other horses. He will also play with cats and dogs. On the trail he is a great mellow horse and kids love him. Mouse has been giving lessons in the arena to riders of all ages.


Smokey belongs to Colleen, who generously lets us borrow Smokey for lessons and trail rides. Smokey was started and trained by Alicia and Colleen. He loves kids and knows a few fun tricks Colleen has taught him. He is playful and likes to kick the big exercise ball around the arena.


Big Dolly is a Kiger Mustang and Quarter Horse cross, who loves the trail. She will love you all day long if you scratch her belly. She will take big riders on great trail rides and give rides in the arena to little ones too.

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Hank the Tank is our big, gentle giant. He loves getting groomed by the kids and taking both kids and adults on nice, comfortable trail rides as well as teach you how to be a better rider in the arena.

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